R.E.A.C.H is a community based organisation formed in 2001 by a group of Cameron Highlands residents alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating environment especially the declining forests and water quality. R.E.A.C.H. aims to preserve, restore and maintain Cameron Highlands as an environmentally sustainable agriculture and hill resort within a permanent nature reserve. We strive to maintain a balance between environmental protection and development and to safeguard water catchment areas as a vital resource for the highlands and lowlands. It is now run by a group of volunteers with funds from membership, donations, small grants, reforestation activities and sales of souvenirs.

Oct 26

Silt wreaks havoc on hill rivers

THE Natural Resources and Environment Ministry is urged to take urgent steps to control the worsening siltation problem in Cameron Highlands.

For years, large amount of silt caused mainly by expanding agricultural activities and rapid development has been flowing into the highlands’ rivers.

Regional Environmental Awareness of Cameron Highlands president R. Ramakrishnan said the siltation problem here had remained unchecked for years.

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Oct 26

‘Foreign varsities involvement will lend credibility to claims of polluted water.

REACH says uncontrolled use of toxic agrochemicals are being made worse by the many farms that have mushroomed upstream of the water catchment area in Sungai Terla, a main source of tap water for Cameron Highlands.

Read more: http://www.therakyatpost.com/news/2014/10/23/foreign-varsities-involvement-will-lend-credibility-claims-polluted-water/#ixzz3HGNmqdHB

Oct 26

Rainbow of Hope in Cameron Highlands?

by Melody Woon

“You wouldn’t recognize it, Melody. It’s all gone now.”

“What? What happened to it? Tell me.”

“You have to come back and see for yourself.”

And I did. After being away from home for a year pursuing my final year law degree in the UK, finally, I had come home.

On first glance, it seemed that nothing had changed since the past year. Locals rushed about town going through the motions of their daily lives, tourists jam up the streets as usual during the weekends, students still hang out in the only place they could – Starbucks – all  in all life goes on.

Not knowing anything to be amiss, I continued the whole charade of meeting up  with family and friends whom I have not seen since a year ago and it was on one of these meet ups in which I realized that the Cameron Highlands I left a year ago has changed. And not for the better either.