R.E.A.C.H is a community based organisation formed in 2001 by a group of Cameron Highlands residents alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating environment especially the declining forests and water quality. R.E.A.C.H. aims to preserve, restore and maintain Cameron Highlands as an environmentally sustainable agriculture and hill resort within a permanent nature reserve. We strive to maintain a balance between environmental protection and development and to safeguard water catchment areas as a vital resource for the highlands and lowlands. It is now run by a group of volunteers with funds from membership, donations, small grants, reforestation activities and sales of souvenirs.

Nov 08

The Bertam Valley Tragedy – one year and still we suffer

The tradegy has a face - photos from AWANI

NST 8/11/14 – BERTAM underwater again


Man is a victim of his own doing…..In view of this second tragedy, I think the focus on the floods becoming an annual tragedy should get the main focus of every concerned citizen in Camerons and the nation.

The floods is a culmination of all the damage done in Camerons and when unchecked it results is loss of lives, property and crops.

The damage has far greater implications then to just the people living along the river corridor. And unless this message is spread no one is bothered and its business as usual in the upper catchment and Ringlet is at the receiving end.

The cause and effect is not seen or often forgotten… in the next couple of days many bookings for hotels and apartments will be cancelled and for the next 2-3 months people will remember Bertam Valley tragedy. Then when the heavy rains stop the land gets cleared to high heaven and we sit on a time bomb waiting for then next flooding.

TNB will continue their futile effort of dredging the dam and dumping it into selected streams within the Ringlet catchment. The contaminated silt keeps flowing downstream. TNB’s decade long futile dredging effort still has Habu operating below the operating capacity. Their solution is to build more dams. More forest cleared more people displaced more costs. Eventually this costs will be transferred to us the people who pay electricity bills.

So if you still think this is a local Cameron Highlands problem…wake up and smell the roses which smell like chicken shit to me.

One year after and still no solutions only reasons, excuses and indifference.

FMT 2/11/14 – Bertam Valley still deadly

STAR – 23/10/14 Majority of Bertam Valley residents unwilling to move despite dangers

Oct 26

Silt wreaks havoc on hill rivers

THE Natural Resources and Environment Ministry is urged to take urgent steps to control the worsening siltation problem in Cameron Highlands.

For years, large amount of silt caused mainly by expanding agricultural activities and rapid development has been flowing into the highlands’ rivers.

Regional Environmental Awareness of Cameron Highlands president R. Ramakrishnan said the siltation problem here had remained unchecked for years.

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