A day of fun ,out in the sun

22nd September 2016 – Today was a day of fun, out in the sun for 15 students and teachers from Bertam Valley Chinese Primary School. This is the time of the year when our programmes for local school children take off. Examinations seem miles away and the mountains  beckon. As always it was great to take these youngsters for a visit to our highlands and see through their eyes the beauty of our forests. Everything is interesting to them and their energy abounds. There are more groups to come and it is indeed a pleasure to impart to them the importance of forest conservation.img_1305img_1246img_1250img_1253

Upcoming activities for September and October 2016

We are pleased to announce that with the completion of the Standard 6 UPSR exams , more schools are able to participate in our programmes. Our mossy forest visits and biodiversity centre programmes are sponsored by CIMB bank, while our Community Stream Investigation and English based Environmental programmes are sponsored by HRH Tunku Imran and Mr Paul Chuah.

1.9.16 Mossy forest tour and tree planting ;SK Ringlet & SK Brinchang ;No of pax 29;Completed

20.9.16 Mossy forest tour and tree planting ;SJKC Bertam Valley; No of Pax: 20 Completed

21.9.16 Community Stream Investigation; SJKC Kea farm ; No of Pax: Whole school; Completed

22.9.16 Mossy forest tour and Bio-D Activity; SJKC Bertam Valley; No of Pax : 20;Pick up Point: Completed

26.9.16 Mossy Forest Tour and Bio D activity; SK Convent;  No of Pax: 32;Pick up Point : Tanah Rata Pasar Minggu site

27.9.16 : Mossy Forest Tour and Bio D Activity; SJKT Tanah Rata ; No of Pax: 30 ; Pick up Point: Tanah Rata pasar minggu site

27.9.16 English based Environmental Programme;SJKC Kea Farm 10.30 to 12.30 pm ;Participants: Whole school

4.10.16  Community Stream Investigation; SK Convent; No of pax: 32

5.10.16 English Based Environmental Programme;SJKC Tanah Rata;   No of pax: 80

11.11.16 Mossy Forest Visit and Bio D Activity; SJKC Tanah Rata;To be confirmed

Reforestation programme for all

19 September 2016- A reforestation activity which is open to all, will be held on the 20th September 2016 on the foothills of Gunung Siku, Blue valley. The time has now been changed to 11 am till 1 pm.This programme is organised by the local Forestry department and will be attended by the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, YB Datuk Ir. Hj Hamim bin Samuri.

Refreshments and transport will be provided. For those who are interested, locals and visitors alike, please contact Miss Saras Hp 0195145851. Transport will be waiting at the local Forestry Office( next to Taman Sedia) at 10.20 am.(Please note the change in time from an earlier posting)

Environmental Awareness Programme at Bertam Valley Chinese Primary School SJKC Bertam Valley

22nd August 2016-The above programme is organised by REACH ( Datin Aseema and Puan Mazlira) in cooperation with the local education department PPD and the school authorities headed by Madam Seng Wai Cheng. IMG_4349

Upon arrival at the school, which was located at the centre of Bertam Valley Village, our Reach team was greeted by a lively group of 254 students. (Widening works was ongoing at the nearby Bertam river but the local folks seemed to have taken the noise and higher amounts of dust in their stride.) Also on hand to greet them was Madam Seng, the headmistress, her group of teachers, Mr Wong Seng Yee ,our committee member who happens to be the vice-president of the Parents Teachers Association for Bertam Valley School.

My experience volunteering with REACH

by Wilfred Calder-Potts

Though initial contact was slow, (both on my and REACH’s side), after a few weeks I  managed to arrange a few weeks of volunteering through Aseema. After arriving at Cameron Highlands I met with Aseema and Dr Liau in a coffee shop. We talked about our ideas and decided that I would spend my time teaching at a local school and helping Dr Liau (Doc) with his reforestation project. The next day Aseema picked me up and we went to the school, where we met the headmistress. We decided that I could teach physics. For the next few days I went around the area with Doc, talking his dog for a walk, exploring the surroundings, and looking for the species of tree we wanted to plant in the reforestation area. On Monday I went back to the school to iron out the details of my teaching with the head science teacher. Doc and I also ended up giving an impromptu lesson to a group of 17-18 year olds, which went pretty well in the end considering we hadn’t done any preparation! The following day I taught a physics lesson to two separate classes of 17 year olds. The head science teacher asked me if I could teach the same two classes 4 days a week, and after checking with Doc I agreed.IMG-20160622-WA0000IMG-20160622-WA0001