Mossy forest visit and reforestation for SK Ringlet on the 12th August 2015

12th August 2015-It was truly an amazing Blue Sky day today. 16 orang asli and local students from the National primary school Ringlet (Sekolah Kebangsaan Ringket) joined our mossy forest education tour, 16 fresh faced kids full of joy at being outdoors. (Till today we still feel a little strange and a trifle guilty perhaps ,of bringing our own Orang Asli (indigenous) children to see highland forests that many of them have never seen before. Oh what have we done to their backyards!)

The day started as usual with a briefing from Miss Melody and a pre-activity assessment. They were then taken to the Mossy Forest in Gunung Brinchang by 4 wheel drive vehicles where Mr Satya gave them a talk on the Mossy Forests.

IMG_1511 IMG_1508

5th August 2015-English based Environmental Education programme in SMKSAS Tanah Rata

This newly started progamme aims to create environmental awareness in schools using English as a medium of instruction. On the 5th of August 2015, the 2nd such activity was held in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Ahmad Shah and we are pleased with the response. Datin Aseema and Puan Mazlira were assisted by teachers from SMKSAS Miss J.Vejaya Jayaraman who was the main coordinator and Miss P.Chitrah, and also fellow committee member Dr Koh Gim Lan and volunteers Miss Melody Woon, Miss Elucia Yong, Miss Geogina Khong, Miss Anushka, Miss Piyadarshini. Around 100 students participated ranging in age from 13 years to 18 years ( ie Form 1 to Form 6 students).




5th August 2015 –CSI Programme for SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah, Tanah Rata

25 Form 4 Physics students from SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah were the first in Cameron Highlands this year to join in REACH’s CSI program. Instead of an actual crime scene investigation, we conducted a community stream investigation under the watchful eye of REACH’s Vice President, Dr Liau Tai Leong. Accompanied by their teacher Mr Kannan and four REACH volunteers: Elucia, Geogina, Sze Yung and myself, we trekked from SMKSAS all the way to Sg Pauh Forest Reserve by 8.45am.




Upon reaching we startled upon a crimson breasted trogon perching quietly on a tree branch. Miraculously it did not take flight and we managed to take a few decent shots of the trogon before it flew off and we met up with Dr Liau and another two REACH volunteers namely Kai Hang and Sivan. Our first order of the day was an educational briefing session by Dr Liau, who shared a little of the origins of REACH and the CSI program.



Our dear friend Uncle George Alasandrie Theseira (14th April 1937 – 7th August 2015)

9th August 2015-

Uncle George, we are all going to miss you.

You came to Cameron Highlands 16 years ago with your lovely family, drawn by the cool climate and beautiful natural surroundings.

You became dismayed by the on-going destruction of Cameron Highlands and our paths crossed. Together we founded REACH and you have been a pillar of strength since then.

We thank you.

For many years you were our treasurer, patiently doing our accounts, recording meticulously all the ins and outs in the big green ledger of yours, filing all the invoices, vouchers , receipts in this briefcase that grew larger with the passing of time. Never once complaining,bearing with our myriad temperaments , your superb accounting work literally propped our organisation up.

We thank you.

Mossy Forest Tours and Reforestation Continues for our local kids -2015

30th July 2015

25 Standard 5 students from SJK(C) Brinchang were the first in Cameron Highlands this year to join in REACH’s reforestation at our Bio-Diversity Centre program. Accompanied by two teachers and three REACH volunteers: Elucia, Geogina and myself, we squashed ourselves into three 4WD vehicles and hit the road at approximately 9.15am.

Our first stop was the famous Mossy Forest at G. Brinchang. En route even though it was a very bumpy ride, we managed to catch a glimpse of a large niltava and its mate as well as a Fire tufted barbet. The rolling green hills of tea were also a fine sight to behold as we made our way up the mountain.

After an educational briefing session by our guide, Satya, who shared a little of his store of knowledge of the thousands of species of herbs and fungi in Cameron Highlands, we entered the mossy forest to take a look for ourselves the fabled beauty of the forests of our own hometown.