CHBAR Cameron Highlands Bebas Asap Rokok- Introduction

3rd October 2015-The initiative of CHBAR (Cameron Highlands Smoke-Free Zone) can be defined as an effort to create ‘smoke-free areas’ in town to protect the public from the dangers of exposure to second hand smoke. In 2012, the Ministry of Health Malaysia, towards achieving the goal of Article 8, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), WHO which was signed by Malaysia in the year 2005, proposed that every state set up their Smoke Free Zone. In Pahang, the State Health Department chose Cameron Highlands as a pilot project for this. The reason was because Cameron Highlands is one of the top tourist destinations for the country and a smoke free zone will provide a clean, fresh and healthy environment for residents and visitors alike.

Invasion of Our Cloud Forests-Haze in the Mist

IMAG624114th September 2015-When I first saw this picture taken by our volunteer Miss Melody Woon with her handphone, I did not know whether to laugh or cry.

I wanted to laugh because children being children , their enthusiasm knows no bounds and having to put on masks did not dampen their spirits.

I wanted to cry because what should have been a fun outing for these young students from SJKC Tringkap in cool invigorating mists , now it is in haze laden mists. Our cloud forests have been invaded by haze.

With a large surface area  1500meteres above sea level, Cameron Highlands is usually spared from haze. However when the haze does come it is sometimes difficult to differentiate it from mists. Locals will tell you that mists tends to be whiter while haze has a greyish look to it. Of course when it envelops you there is no mistake the pungent smell of burnt leaves.

Melentur Aur Biar Dari Rebung

“Melentur Aur Biar Dari Rebung”- Bend a bamboo while it is still a shoot

21st August 2015-In our environmental work in Cameron Highlands, we hold dear to this Malay proverb, Melentur Aur Biar Dari Rebung, which means to teach a child, one should do it while he is young. He is more ‘pliant’ then and can absorb what you teach better.

It is thus that many of our environmental conservation programmes are geared for our school children. When sometimes things look bleak in spite of all our efforts, when trees continue to fall and rivers are running mud, we seek solace in the fact that our programmes continue to reach out to the younger generation.

And we are not alone. Many corporations and institutions continue to offer us assistance especially in programmes for youths. The assistance we have received from them these past few years include:

Grants from The Embassy of Finland. For 3 consecutive years the Embassy of Finland funded the setting of the biodiversity centre for research and education at Gunung Brinchang, mossy forest education tours and biodiversity activities, reforestation for our local students and publication of a book on montane birds.

The ambassador signing the agreement with Mr Rama. SAM_5404 Mr Rama presenting a copy of our orchid book to H.E.Tapio Saarela

( above picture- The Ambassador of Finland signing the agreement with REACH president)

Competition for the creative use of recyclable materials for primary schools

10th September 2015-

Our Trash to Treasure Competition

Reach will be organising a competition for primary school students for the creative use of recyclable materials. It is aimed at encouraging students to use their creativeness to reinvent recyclable items. We hope to instil a sense of caring for the environment by promoting the reduction of waste and the reuse of our earth’s finite resources. We need to remind our kids and ourselves that there are ‘‘endless possibilities” in making useful, fun and interesting things from items once meant to be discarded. Judging would be based on the originality, practicality and the aesthetic aspect of the items created.

Details of the competition are as follows:

Date  :      8th October 2015        Time :  10am to 1 pm

Venue:    Convent Primary School General Purpose Hall Tanah Rata

Closing Date for Submission of Entries:       22nd September 2015

CSI with Dimension Data on the 23rd August 2015

9th September 2015-Our friendship with Dimension Data (Malaysia)  goes back more than 10 years ago when it was then known as Datacraft. Almost every year they would come up to Cameron Highlands to do an environmental programme with us, either reforestation or CSI Community Stream Investigations . This year it was the latter. On the 23 rd of August 2015 , 30 participants from Dimension Data joined us at Sg Pauh Forest Reserve. It started off as usual with a briefing by Miss Melody Woon , followed by stream analysis in Sungai Bertam just opposite the All Souls Church.

IMG_1762 IMG_1761IMG_1773