Upcoming activities for August and September 2016

Date        Activity

22.8.16 Environmental Awareness Programme with focus on English Language at Bertam Valley Chinese Primary School. SJKC Bertam Valley. Time 8.30am to 10.40 am . No of Participants : 250 students

Volunteers much needed. Good opportunity for our visitors to ‘touch’ the heart of the farming community in Cameron Highlands and lend a helping hand. SJKC Bertam Valley is the school below the Habu dam. It was inundated with mud 2 years ago when  waters was released from an overflowing dam. Watch how the school has recovered since then to become one of the best primary schools in Cameron Highlands.

24.8.16 Mossy forest tour and tree planting

School: SJKC Tringkap .No of pax 16

Pick up Point: Nova Hotel Carpark

20.9.16 Mossy forest tour and tree planting

School: SJKC Bertam Valley  No of Pax: 20

Pick up Point: Tanah Rata Pasar Minggu  site

My experience volunteering with REACH

by Wilfred Calder-Potts

Though initial contact was slow, (both on my and REACH’s side), after a few weeks I  managed to arrange a few weeks of volunteering through Aseema. After arriving at Cameron Highlands I met with Aseema and Dr Liau in a coffee shop. We talked about our ideas and decided that I would spend my time teaching at a local school and helping Dr Liau (Doc) with his reforestation project. The next day Aseema picked me up and we went to the school, where we met the headmistress. We decided that I could teach physics. For the next few days I went around the area with Doc, talking his dog for a walk, exploring the surroundings, and looking for the species of tree we wanted to plant in the reforestation area. On Monday I went back to the school to iron out the details of my teaching with the head science teacher. Doc and I also ended up giving an impromptu lesson to a group of 17-18 year olds, which went pretty well in the end considering we hadn’t done any preparation! The following day I taught a physics lesson to two separate classes of 17 year olds. The head science teacher asked me if I could teach the same two classes 4 days a week, and after checking with Doc I agreed.IMG-20160622-WA0000IMG-20160622-WA0001

Mossy Forest Tour and Tree planting for SJKC Brinchang on the 12th July 2016

16th July 2016- 20 students and teachers from SJKC Brinchang had an enjoyable  time at Gunung Brinchang on the 12 th July 2016,learning about our highland forests. Satya, Melody and Geogina were the facilitators.IMG_4018IMG_4024

CSI activity on the 16th July 2016 near Bharat Tea Estate

A CSI  community stream investigation project will be held on the 16th of July 2016 at a stream near Bharat Tea Estate. It will be conducted by Dr Liau Tai Leong and his group of volunteers.  The programme is open to residents. Member’s cost RM 10 per pax .Non members RM 20 per pax. Time 9-11 am. Participants are advised  to be at the Bharat tea house by 8.45 am. Light refreshments will be at the tea house.

Biodiversity and Environmental Research in Gunung Brinchang with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

10th July 2016-We are pleased to inform that beginning next week, the Faculty of Earth Science , Universiti Malaysia Kelantan UMK, will provide the expertise and assist REACH in conducting research at our biodiversity centre in Gunung Brinchang.

For the last few years,  our centre has been used mainly for environmental conservation awareness activities such as reforestation and educational mossy forest tours. We have also done documentation of highland birds and orchids. But this would be the first time that we are collaborating with a University to do research of the Highland Forest in a methodical way.

Our scientific advisor, Professor Maketab Mohamed, introduced the team from UMK and on the 14th of February 2016 they made their first trip up here. Besides reconnaissance and together with volunteers from UTM ,MNS Pahang and Hammock, they also set up some cloud harvesting panels as a “trial run.”