Our Trash to Treasure Competition for Secondary Schools

7th April 2016

Once again, Reach will be organising a “Trash to Treasure” competition, this time for secondary school students.( Last year we had one for primary school students.) This is basically a competition whereby students are required to create items from recycled materials. Details of the event:

Date:   8th April 2016

Time : 8am to 12 noon

Venue:  SMKSAS Tanah Rata  (Sultan Ahmad Shah Secondary School Tanah Rata) at the Multipurpose Hall

The competition is open to students from our local secondary schools.




Biodiversity Centre Report 2015 to 2016

21st March 2016-The biodiversity centre is located on a ridge in Gunung Brinchang at an elevation of 1800 metres above sea level. It was illegally cleared in 2000 and formal permission was given to REACH in 2004 to reforest it. In 2012 we set up a centre at the site for research and education.

bio d centre 5

bio d centre 4

bio d centre 1bio d centre 2

REACH 16th Annual General Meeting 2016

8th March 2016,

Dear REACH Members,

I hereby give notice that REACH 16th  Annual General Meeting will be held as follows :

Date    :           23rd March 2016, Wednesday

Time    :           8 pm

 Venue :           IJ Barre Centre, Tanah Rata

2. Agenda :-

1.President’s welcoming address

2.To confirm the minutes of the 15th Annual General Meeting.

3.To adopt the annual report 2015.

4.To approve the audited Statements of Accounts ending 31st Dec 2015.

5.To consider any other matters of which 7 clear days notice shall have been given in writing to the secretary.

6.President’s closing speech.

We appreciate your attendance.

Thank you,

(Dr. Koh Gim Lam )




English Language Programmes in the Community

Besides our school programmes ,a few of our committee members  also conduct English Language Programmes in the indigenous villages on the outskirts of town almost every week. They are mainly reading and writing lessons in simple English for children and young adults. As these programmes have been ongoing for a number of months now the turnout is usually very good. But to be effective more volunteers who can speak fluent English are needed.

So if you are visitng Cameron Highlands for a few days or you are back home for your semester break  and would like to help out do contact Dr Koh Gim Lam at kohgimlam@gmail.com  or Datin Aseema at aseema54@gmail.com


English based Environmental Education Programme in Convent Primary School on the 17th February 2016

An  English based Environmental Education programme was held in SK Convent ( Convent Primary School) on the 17 th February 2016. Around 60 students from Standard 3 to Standard 6 participated. The programme was conducted by Miss Elucia Yong, (our regular REACH volunteer and also an undergraduate majoring in English) and assisted by Datin Aseema, Puan Mazlira, Miss Saras, Miss Geogina and Convent School teachers.IMG_9575

As with other similar programmes that we have held, there was first a video presentation and discussion on the envirionmental problems here. IMG_9581