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Saving Gunung Siku(Part 2) on the 30th May 2015

22.5.15- Hi fellow Cameron Highlanders and our visitors from near and far. It is the start of the school holidays next week and a good time to  ‘reconnect’ with the environment and lend our forests ‘a helping hand’. Come join us in saving Gunung Siku this 30th of May 2015 and plant a tree!

Reforestation Update-20th March 2015

Late last year, after the mud floods in Ringlet on the 5th of November 2014, the Federal Government stepped in to assist the State Government of Pahang to restore Cameron Highlands to its former pristine state ie. to restore law and order, especially where illegal immigrant workers and land clearing is concerned.

As a result of this large scale law enforcement work, many illegal workers were caught and farms demolished. These brought its own set of problems as demolished farms,usually on steep slopes were prone to erosion and the exposed areas had to be rehabilitated fast. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment NRE were tasked to reforest these areas with REACH and 3 other non-governmental agencies NGO .