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The Blueprint of Cameron Highlands 2030 (Replacement)

16th January 2016-Under The Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172), local plans are formulated to set up the direction, the development of a town should take. It should adhere to the development plans of the country (the 2nd National Physical Plan) and the state (Pahang Structural Plan 2002-2020.) Local plans are essentially the “Blueprints” of a town.


If one understands the “blueprints” one would not be “surprised” nor “shocked” when large swath of virgin forests goes or mountains get wiped out from the earth or high rise buildings suddenly pops up in the middle of the town square!

The new blueprint of Cameron Highlands up to the year 2030 ( Rancangan Tempatan Daerah Cameron Highlands 2030 Penggantian )is now up for viewing at the local town council and the deadline has been extended to the 18th of January 2016 ( ie 48 hours from now). Do spare some time this weekend and download the pdf copies from the local council website . In the homepage click on ‘ Awam’ then on ‘ Muat Turun Borang’ Some sections are missing and some are duplicated. For those missing maps we will upload them on our webpage.