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Starbucks Composting Project -Evaluation and Monitoring in Schools 2012

Evaluation and Monitoring

A month after going to 12 schools to demonstrate how to make compost, Saras from REACH spent 3 days to pay a visit to the schools to check on their progress beginning on the 19th of September 2012 accompanied by myself, a local homegrown volunteer .

In the course of 3 days, Saras and Melody visited 9 schools out of the 12 schools who participated in REACH’s pilot compost project. We couldn’t check on another 3 schools due to various factors such as distance and the unavailabilty of the teachers in charge of the project at their respective schools.

Starbucks Awards Grant To Reach for Project on Composting in Schools July 2012

We are pleased to announce that we have received a grant for the composting of Solid Kitchen Waste in schools from Starbucks. This project will involve over 20 schools in Cameron Highlands and will commence shortly.

Students will be taught on how to make enzymes and carry out composting of solid kitchen waste in their own schools. There will be talks and hands- on demonstration. The compost will be used as fertilizers in their respective school gardens. There will also be visits to local organic farms. At the end of this project, prizes will be awarded to schools with the best results in composting. Reach will continue to encourage schools to do composting of solid kitchen waste even after the project is over because of its economical and environmental benefits. Reach would like to thank Starbucks for their support and generousity.

Re-Act School Visits

RE-ACT Troopers

Having raised environmental awareness among students of the 16 schools who have agreed to participate, REACH would like to see concrete results of this awareness–as such, we will upload and monitor the amount of material each school is able to collect for recycling (this will be measured in terms of the quantity and amount of money each school is able to earn from the recycling of Plastic, Paper and Aluminium respectively).

  1. SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah    Teacher(s)-in-charge: Cik Balqis     Students Involved : Form 1-5