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Re-Act School Visits

RE-ACT Troopers

Having raised environmental awareness among students of the 16 schools who have agreed to participate, REACH would like to see concrete results of this awareness–as such, we will upload and monitor the amount of material each school is able to collect for recycling (this will be measured in terms of the quantity and amount of money each school is able to earn from the recycling of Plastic, Paper and Aluminium respectively).

  1. SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah    Teacher(s)-in-charge: Cik Balqis     Students Involved : Form 1-5


Re-Act Troopers Recycling Camp 9th to 10th November 2011

The camp conducted on the 9&10 November at the Parit Falls Forest Reserve was a success with the participation of 14 primary schools all from Cameron Highlands. Each school sent 4 students and 1 teacher for the 2 day camp, with their high spirits we were able to have a fun filled and lively camp.


Seated L-R : En Shafie ( PPD representative), Dr.Liau Tai Leong (Vice President REACH), Ramakrishnan Ramasamy (President REACH), Mr Ng (CIMB representative)

Standing : RE-ACT Troopers Cameron Highlands (representatives from schools)

Re-Act!! Trash is Cash 2010/2011 CIMB/Reach Project

CIMB/Reach Project Re-Act!! Trash is Cash   2010/2011

This recycling project is an extension of our on-going community recycling project and it involves school communities via introduction of Re-Act initiatives. This project is funded by CIMB.

Time period ; September 2010 to November 2011

The 1st 3 months involved laying the ground work for recycling in schools and collection of recyclables. Permission obtained from the local education office PPD ( Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah) to carry out recycling programme. Collection centres in Ringlet, Bertam Valley, Brinchang, Kuala Terla was opened for local communities and schools.

15th December 2010  -A CIMB/Reach Recycling Programme was conducted in Ringlet  together with the local district council and Government Departments.

Record of Recyclables Collected in 2011



Recycling Demonstration on the 25th April 2011

Aluminium Art

our future

Paper Art

Record of Recyclables Collected in 2010