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English Language Programmes in the Community

Besides our school programmes ,a few of our committee members  also conduct English Language Programmes in the indigenous villages on the outskirts of town almost every week. They are mainly reading and writing lessons in simple English for children and young adults. As these programmes have been ongoing for a number of months now the turnout is usually very good. But to be effective more volunteers who can speak fluent English are needed.

So if you are visitng Cameron Highlands for a few days or you are back home for your semester break  and would like to help out do contact Dr Koh Gim Lam at  or Datin Aseema at


Useful Information for Volunteers

1.We do not have a structured volunteer programme at Reach.
2.Our volunteers come in at all times of the year and we fit them into the projects or activities that we need help in. In order to make your attachment more meaningful we would need at least 1 week of your time and commitment.
3.Our volunteers range from secondary school students to retirees and they should be in relatively good health.
4.We do not provide allowance nor accomodation.Volunteers would have to be financially  independant. Volunteers can source accomodation from this website Cameron | Cameron Highlands Official Website
5.For short term volunteers we often assign them to office cleaning,  data entry and analysis,website maintenance and any project/activity planned for the week..Currently we have 2 programmes for our local school kids.
a. Mossy Forest and Biodiversity activities
b. Community Stream Investigation
6. For the month of August 2015 we have enough volunteers for our school programmes but we would probably need more volunteers in September 2015 onwards as our local volunteers leave for college.
7.For long term volunteers, they usually assist us in our research projects .Currently we are actively seeking assistance/researchers in
a. The study of the flora and fauna of our montane forests
b. The study of the ecosystems of the highland forests or related fields
c. Survey of the tourists arrivals in Cameron Highlands
8. Volunteers should give a brief background of themselves, when they plan to arrive and duration of stay. A curriculum vitae would be helpful for those who wish to volunteer for longer periods.
9. Please note that occasionally no volunteer positions are available for the period given.

Volunteers Wanted

Why volunteer?

We, at REACH do so because we love Cameron Highlands and wish to make it a better place.

Our past helpers volunteered because they wanted to make their stay here more meaningful and contribute something to Cameron Highland. For that we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

What about you? Would you like to volunteer for the good of the environment and the folks of Cameron Highlands?

REACH is a non-profit organisation and we have only one paid employee , our office manager Saras.

We need volunteers like we need air to breath ( not that there is a shortage of fresh air up here!) Our volunteers inject us with  fresh doses of energy and enthusiasm.Without them REACH would be unsustainable.

They conduct studies, help us carry out our environmental activities and lend us their expertise in various fields. They may do field work or office work such as cataloguing or improving the web page.

So for the college student out there who would like to spend the semester break in the cool mountains of Peninsular Malaysia, for our visitors near and far, come join us in making your stay here a more enriching one.

We need help in so many areas, We need researchers, computer experts especially on the

GPS mapping system, teachers, scientists, photographers and documentary film makers, artists, translators, writers , designers and event organisers . Well not to worry if you have none of these skills. We still need your ENTHUSIASM.

As for the level of physical fitness required, if you can climb the 4 flight of steps to the  REACH office without panting, you fit enough! Mind you, there are many hills to climb in Cameron Highlands

If you are interested in lending a helping hand. We welcome you.

Cameron Highlands Needs a Helping Hand…Yours”

Contact No:

Tel:05-4914798 ( 9am to 12.30pm )


Hotline: 019- 514 5851(Saras)

Email: or


Volunteer Feedback – Erica Jenkins (10-14 Jan 2012)

I just wanted to say thank-you very much for the opportunity to volunteer with REACH.  Even though I was only here for a short time, I found it very interesting.  I appreciated that you gave me some tasks that were based on my experience with ecology and data analysis, and also that you let me participate in working with local kids, which was something new for me.  The kids were a blast, and the data set was fascinating, so all in all in was a good way to spend a few days in the Cameron Highlands.  The best part was meeting people who live in Malaysia and the Highlands, it was a much richer experience than the normal tourist route, and I especially appreciate you showing me around and sharing your knowledge of C.H.

Thanks again!  If I meet anyone who is interested in volunteering or researching in the Cameron Highlands, I’ll be sure to tell them about REACH.