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Temperature Rising in Cameron Highlands

23th May 2016- When the replacement Local Plan for Cameron Highlands 2030 was open for public viewing late last year, many of us could not immediately find the time to scrutinize it . It came in 3 big volumes ie Jilid I to III and since no detailed copies were initially available for the public to ‘takeaway’, one had to spend time at the town planners office to study it. (Later, although it became available online  some pages were duplicated while others were missing.)

Then the reporters started calling. Amongst the first questions they asked were “What is REACH’s comment on the 7.5 degrees rise in minimum temperature in Cameron Highlands?”


Summary of Weather in the Cameron Highlands – 2nd Edition By: Erica Jenkins (


There is a weather station in the Cameron Highlands at 1545 meters above sea level.  This weather station has been collecting weather data since April 1983, including precipitation, temperature, wind speed, and evaporation.  The following report summarizes these data.


Precipitation – Monthly Precipitation

Summary of Weather in the Cameron Highlands By: Erica Jenkins (

Summary of Weather in the Cameron Highlands

By: Erica Jenkins (


There are two weather stations in the Cameron Highlands, one is located at 1472 meters above sea level; data from this station is available dating back to Janauary 1951.  Another station is located at 1545 meters above sea level, and data from this station dates back to April 1983.  The data collected at these stations includes precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and evaporation.  The following report summarizes these data.



The Sound of the Rain

20th-Aprl-2014-A few months ago, a video clip of Parliamentarians  discussing the environmental impact of farming on the tourism industry made the rounds in Cameron Highlands cyberspace. For many locals, it was difficult to watch that even in the august House of Parliament , Cameron Highland’s problems were taken so lightly and discussions, shallow. One of the  comments made was that Cameron Highlands is no longer cold.

So what exactly is the weather like in Cameron Highlands nowadays? Has it gone a little weird?  Is it warmer, colder, wetter or drier? Are the changes partly due to the global warming phenomena or  are they due to the loss of the buffering effect of  our highland forests or a combination of both? Do we have any data to substantiate what we say about the local weather?

If the subject of law is difficult to comprehend, the subject of weather is more so for we have nature’s wrath and unpredictability to contend with.

Below is a simple interpretation of the raw weather data of Cameron Highlands which dates back more than 55 years ago and attempts to answer the common questions pertaining to the weather in Cameron Highlands

Q 1: Is  Cameron Highlands getting warmer?

The data that we have compiled is from 2 weather stations. From 1965 to 1983 the data were from the station located at 1471m above sea level M.S.L. , 4˚28’N 101˚23’E while the subsequent years up to 2013 were from the 2nd weather station located at 1545 M.S.L,4˚28’N  101˚22’E. Strangely the temperatures recorded at the lower weather station were lower than the one at a higher elevation.

Referring to the chart below, at a glance Cameron Highlands appears to be getting less cold. The lowest minimum temperature has risen from around 10 degrees Celcius to 15 degrees Celcius while the average minimum temperature has also risen slightly.

 To the locals (applicable to non smokers only) it means “ Dulu kadang kadang bila cakap , ada asap keluar dari mulut , sekarang tak adok”     “ Previously sometimes when we talk, vapour comes out from our mouths, now there is none!”

Number of Raindays for Cameron Highlands from 1951 to 2001

Below are the raw data of number of  raindays for Cameron Highlands from 1951 to 2001 at the same weather station ie Latitude 4:28’N Longitude 101:23’E, Elevation 1471m

Monthly Rainfall of Cameron Highlands from 1951 to 2001

Below is the raw monthly rainfall data recorded in the weather station of Cameron Highlands located at Latitude 40 28′ N and longtitude 101 0 23′ E  , with  elevation 1471.6 m above sea level