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REACH receives grant from National River Care Fund for CSI Community Stream Investigation Programme

Reach is pleased to announce that we have successfully received a grant from the National River Care Fund for our CSI programme. The National River Care Fund is a small grant programme established by GEC Global Environment Centre to support local community groups/ community based organisation to pursue their own river conservation initiatives.

The other recipients of this fund include:

1. Persatuan Pelajar Fakulti Pengajian Alam Sekitar Universiti Putra Malaysia with Project Title :Water of Life @ Serdang

2.Aquatic Science Student Association, UCSI University with Project Title: Orang Asli River Hydrophonic System

3. Jawatankuasa Kemajuan Kampung Batu 16 Dusun Tua with Project Title: Love Our Rivers Campaign

4. Federasi Kolektif DIY Ampang with Project Title : Ulu Yam River Rehabilitation

5,Pertubuhan Gagasan Prihatin Semenyih with Project Title: Semenyih River Pollution Monitoring

We would like to thank Miss Melody Woon for heading this project.

CSI with SJKC Cameron on the 10th November 2016

This CSI Community Stream Investigation programme with SJKC Cameron (Ringlet) was the last CSI programme for 2016 . Since the cost of conducting the CSI programme is low and funds are still available, more of such CSI activities for local schools will be carried out in 2017. For schools and groups outside of Cameron Highlands a small fee is incurred . At least a month’s notice is required and subject to the availability of facilitators and volunteers, these programmes can be arranged.DSCN4960DSCN4966DSCN4999

CSI with Sri Kuala Lumpur International School

Our CSI programmes are usually conducted for local schools but occasionally we conduct such programmes for outstation schools,private or corporate groups. Programmes are held at the Sg Pauh site which is within  the Forestry Department grounds. Each programme will start off with a briefing, followed by physical,chemical and biological analysis of Sg Pauh (the clean river) and Sg Bertam ( the contaminated river). The facilitators are usually Dr Liau or Miss Melody Woon and they are assisted by a few volunteers.

IMG_6122IMG_6134 IMG_6149 IMG_6151

CSI with SJKC Kuala Terla on the 9th November 2016

The CSI activity with SJKC Kuala Terla was carried out over 2 days to accomodate more students and below are the pictures taken on the 2nd day. The programme on both days are similar.    dscn4878 dscn4880 dji_0103 dji_0096

CSI with SJKC Kuala Terla on the 8th November 2016

A limitless expanse of hills – dark green with diagonal bands – stretched out before me in the misty morning light.Suddenly, with a flurry of noise, a flock of yellow-vented bulbuls took off in unison over the cusp of hills.Although Cameron Highland’s broad swathes of nature are always breathtaking, her small details are no less amazing.

This is probably best encapsulated in Gunung Brinchang, a colossal hill covered in montane forests.The trees here teem with the sweet calls of fire-tufted barbets chirping over one another, and the murmur of the wind.

It is difficult to think.

A flutter of wings in the sea of gerok trees caught my eye, and I start towards its general direction before I catch myself. For a moment, I had forgotten my purpose.The highlands does not release its enthralled guests easily.


8th November 2016

Today was spent out in the sun with 30 students and teachers from Kuala Terla Chinese Primary School. It was my first time taking part in REACH’s Community Stream Investigators programme, and volunteering as documentarian.

The programme began with a detailed introduction by Ms Melody Woon, who explained about the many physical, biological and chemical tests that can be conducted to determine the quality of water running down the rivers. This was followed by talks on how the highlands have been polluted and damaged by overdevelopment.dscn4660dscn4662

Community Stream Investigation on the 21st September 2016

by Oon Yan Yan
Everything began when Melody happily volunteered both Sue Sze and I for Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands (“REACH”) programmes during our trip to Cameron Highlands. She believed that we will learn much from the programs and understand why she is fighting so hard for Cameron Highlands. She explained repeatedly to us the after effects of deforestation, pollution of the rivers and the effort that REACH had been doing over the years. To be honest, it was not that easy to absorb all of the information as it sounded quite foreign to us.dscn2456
On Wednesday morning (21 September 2016), we participated in Community Stream Investigation (“CSI”) with the students and teachers from Kea Farm Primary School. Dr Liau gathered the teachers and the volunteers for a brief introduction of CSI. He also explained the tests, i.e. physical, biological and chemical tests in detail which would help us understand what we were going to do later at the rivers. I was grateful that Melody shared her experience previously which made everything clearer after Dr Liau’s explanation.dscn2458dscn2460dscn2461