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Signing the Letter of Intent with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Following previous year’s discussion with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan UMK, a letter of intent was signed with them on the 31st of March 2017 at the biodiversity site in Gunung Brinchang.

UMK was represented by (above picture from left to right)  Dr Kamarul Ariffin bin Kambali, Dr Nazahatul Anis Amaludin, Dr Radhiah Zakaria, Cik Nivaarani Arumugam, Assoc. Prof Dr Aweng Eh Rak, Dr Jayaraj Vijaya Kumaran,Dr Suganthi Appalasamy, Dr Norrimi Rosaida Awang, En Roodhran Amirtham, Madam Aaina Syazwani bin Mohamad Amir Hamzah.

while REACH was represented by Encik Ramakrishnan Ramasamy, Puan Hazlinda, Mr Wong Seng Yee , Encik Uthaya Kumar and Encik Khairil.

In the Letter of Intent, it is stated that both parties shall cooperate in the field of research and conservation as well as field data sharing related to but not limited to research and development and other forms of academic/social collaboration and sharing of resources, facilities, knowledge and skills at the respective institutions for the purpose of research and conservation.

Upcoming activities for September and October 2016

We are pleased to announce that with the completion of the Standard 6 UPSR exams , more schools are able to participate in our programmes. Our mossy forest visits and biodiversity centre programmes are sponsored by CIMB bank, while our Community Stream Investigation and English based Environmental programmes are sponsored by HRH Tunku Imran and Mr Paul Chuah.

1.9.16 Mossy forest tour and tree planting ;SK Ringlet & SK Brinchang ;No of pax 29;Completed

20.9.16 Mossy forest tour and tree planting ;SJKC Bertam Valley; No of Pax: 20 Completed

21.9.16 Community Stream Investigation; SJKC Kea farm ; No of Pax: Whole school; Completed

22.9.16 Mossy forest tour and Bio-D Activity; SJKC Bertam Valley; No of Pax : 20;Pick up Point: Completed

26.9.16 Mossy Forest Tour and Bio D activity; SK Convent;  No of Pax: 32;Pick up Point : Tanah Rata Pasar Minggu site Completed

27.9.16 : Mossy Forest Tour and Bio D Activity; SJKT Tanah Rata ; No of Pax: 15 ; Pick up Point: Tanah Rata pasar minggu site Completed

27.9.16 English based Environmental Programme;SK KgRaja 10.30 to 12.30 pm ;Participants: Whole school Completed

4.10.16  Community Stream Investigation; SK Convent; No of pax: 32 Completed

5.10.16 English Based Environmental Programme;SJKC Tanah Rata;   No of pax: 80 Completed

18.10.16 Community Stream Investigation ; SJKC Cameron : 30 pax

11.11.16 Mossy Forest Visit and Bio D Activity; SJKC Tanah Rata;To be confirmed


Biodiversity and Environmental Research in Gunung Brinchang with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

10th July 2016-We are pleased to inform that beginning next week, the Faculty of Earth Science , Universiti Malaysia Kelantan UMK, will provide the expertise and assist REACH in conducting research at our biodiversity centre in Gunung Brinchang.

For the last few years,  our centre has been used mainly for environmental conservation awareness activities such as reforestation and educational mossy forest tours. We have also done documentation of highland birds and orchids. But this would be the first time that we are collaborating with a University to do research of the Highland Forest in a methodical way.

Our scientific advisor, Professor Maketab Mohamed, introduced the team from UMK and on the 14th of February 2016 they made their first trip up here. Besides reconnaissance and together with volunteers from UTM ,MNS Pahang and Hammock, they also set up some cloud harvesting panels as a “trial run.”

Biodiversity Centre Report 2015 to 2016

21st March 2016-The biodiversity centre is located on a ridge in Gunung Brinchang at an elevation of 1800 metres above sea level. It was illegally cleared in 2000 and formal permission was given to REACH in 2004 to reforest it. In 2012 we set up a centre at the site for research and education.

bio d centre 5

bio d centre 4

bio d centre 1bio d centre 2