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Environmental Education at The Mossy Forests under the Edge Grant begins

by Cheam May Choo

15th April 2019-Sometimes ‘environmentalists’ need some encouragement too and today is such a day when we feel very encouraged. As I looked across at the enthusiastic faces of the school children before me, listening with rapt attention to what I have to say and answering with such gusto, I felt that I could do this forever.( I was giving a briefing to students from SJKC Cameron ( Cameron Chinese Primary School) on their day’s program in the mossy forests before they head off to Gunung Brinchang. This is the first of the field trips for local school children under a grant by the Edge Education Foundation.)

SJKC Cameron ( Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Cameron ) was founded in 1936 and was so named because it is the first Chinese school to be built in Cameron Highlands. It is located in Ringlet town, where the early Chinese settlers to Cameron Highlands arrived. It is perched on a small hillock at the western corner of Ringlet town. Currently it has 197 students from kindergarten to Standard 6. 

In today’s field trip 30 students participated and the 3 teachers who accompanied them were teachers Cheaw Pey Fen, Tan Teng Wai and Wong Ting Ting.

The children were also asked to fill up a simple questionaire. Teacher Cheaw was a great help in translating some scientific terms into Mandarin.

My experience volunteering with REACH

by Wilfred Calder-Potts

Though initial contact was slow, (both on my and REACH’s side), after a few weeks I  managed to arrange a few weeks of volunteering through Aseema. After arriving at Cameron Highlands I met with Aseema and Dr Liau in a coffee shop. We talked about our ideas and decided that I would spend my time teaching at a local school and helping Dr Liau (Doc) with his reforestation project. The next day Aseema picked me up and we went to the school, where we met the headmistress. We decided that I could teach physics. For the next few days I went around the area with Doc, talking his dog for a walk, exploring the surroundings, and looking for the species of tree we wanted to plant in the reforestation area. On Monday I went back to the school to iron out the details of my teaching with the head science teacher. Doc and I also ended up giving an impromptu lesson to a group of 17-18 year olds, which went pretty well in the end considering we hadn’t done any preparation! The following day I taught a physics lesson to two separate classes of 17 year olds. The head science teacher asked me if I could teach the same two classes 4 days a week, and after checking with Doc I agreed.IMG-20160622-WA0000IMG-20160622-WA0001