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More Collaboration with the Meteorological Department

by Cheam May Choo

On the 29th February 2020, 4 staff members from the Meteorological Department visited Bio D center to confirm that the air pollution passive sampler is functioning well. Together with another 4 staff members from the Chemistry Department and 2 Japanese experts from Asia Centre for Air Pollution Research Japan ( ACAP), they confirmed the suitability of the site for the installation of a rain gauge for the measurement of air pollution. However due to the nationwide lockdown for the control of Covid-19, things were delayed and it was only on the 1st of September 2020, that the” Wet-Only Rain Water Sampler” was set up at our mini weather station site. This instrument would be used to monitor the amount of rainfall and also the quality of  rainwater to gauge the air pollution . Rainwater samples would be sent to the main Meteorological Lab in Selangor for analysis. Interestingly this instrument using the ” tipping bucket” method is one of the few remaining.

Readings would be taken every week and sent to the Meteorological Department. Above pictures show a staff from the Meteorological Department instructing Mr Rama, our president how to take the readings .

Number of Raindays for Cameron Highlands from 1951 to 2001

Below are the raw data of number of  raindays for Cameron Highlands from 1951 to 2001 at the same weather station ie Latitude 4:28’N Longitude 101:23’E, Elevation 1471m

Monthly Rainfall of Cameron Highlands from 1951 to 2001

Below is the raw monthly rainfall data recorded in the weather station of Cameron Highlands located at Latitude 40 28′ N and longtitude 101 0 23′ E  , with  elevation 1471.6 m above sea level