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To catch a smile

It is always rewarding to conduct environmental programmes for our  young school children.It is such a joy  to watch kids laugh and smile, when we engage them in our programmes.dscn3535dscn3546On the 5th of October 2016, we conducted an English based Environmental Programme EEP focussing on recycling, for SJKC Tanah Rata, a small Chinese language primary school in Tanah Rata. This school is tucked in between other bigger schools and students numbered around 80. On this day, the school children were so lively that sounds of their laughter could be heard in the neighbouring schools. Oops!dscn3521 dscn3517 dscn3506

Once again trilingual Miss Melody Woon, conducted the programme. Melody is a lawyer by training but she is equally gifted in teaching, patiently coaxing answers from shy students and getting everyone to participate. She was assisted by Puan Mazlina, our committee member and her sister Cik Salwa and Miss Saras.

Upcoming activities for September and October 2016

We are pleased to announce that with the completion of the Standard 6 UPSR exams , more schools are able to participate in our programmes. Our mossy forest visits and biodiversity centre programmes are sponsored by CIMB bank, while our Community Stream Investigation and English based Environmental programmes are sponsored by HRH Tunku Imran and Mr Paul Chuah.

1.9.16 Mossy forest tour and tree planting ;SK Ringlet & SK Brinchang ;No of pax 29;Completed

20.9.16 Mossy forest tour and tree planting ;SJKC Bertam Valley; No of Pax: 20 Completed

21.9.16 Community Stream Investigation; SJKC Kea farm ; No of Pax: Whole school; Completed

22.9.16 Mossy forest tour and Bio-D Activity; SJKC Bertam Valley; No of Pax : 20;Pick up Point: Completed

26.9.16 Mossy Forest Tour and Bio D activity; SK Convent;  No of Pax: 32;Pick up Point : Tanah Rata Pasar Minggu site Completed

27.9.16 : Mossy Forest Tour and Bio D Activity; SJKT Tanah Rata ; No of Pax: 15 ; Pick up Point: Tanah Rata pasar minggu site Completed

27.9.16 English based Environmental Programme;SK KgRaja 10.30 to 12.30 pm ;Participants: Whole school Completed

4.10.16  Community Stream Investigation; SK Convent; No of pax: 32 Completed

5.10.16 English Based Environmental Programme;SJKC Tanah Rata;   No of pax: 80 Completed

18.10.16 Community Stream Investigation ; SJKC Cameron : 30 pax

11.11.16 Mossy Forest Visit and Bio D Activity; SJKC Tanah Rata;To be confirmed


Environmental Awareness Programme at Bertam Valley Chinese Primary School SJKC Bertam Valley

22nd August 2016-The above programme is organised by REACH ( Datin Aseema and Puan Mazlira) in cooperation with the local education department PPD and the school authorities headed by Madam Seng Wai Cheng. IMG_4349

Upon arrival at the school, which was located at the centre of Bertam Valley Village, our Reach team was greeted by a lively group of 254 students. (Widening works was ongoing at the nearby Bertam river but the local folks seemed to have taken the noise and higher amounts of dust in their stride.) Also on hand to greet them was Madam Seng, the headmistress, her group of teachers, Mr Wong Seng Yee ,our committee member who happens to be the vice-president of the Parents Teachers Association for Bertam Valley School.

Trash to Treasure Competition for Secondary Schools

8th April 2016-The event started at 8:27am with the Master of Ceremony, Dr Koh Gim Lam ,opening. IMG_9777

IMG_9779Opening speech was given by En.Embi from REACH who talked about the role of REACH in the local environmental awareness activities.


Following this, the second speaker Ms. Vanajah gave a short speech on the importance of adopting a sustainable lifestyle. This was followed by the headmaster of SMKSAS welcoming the students and highlighting the school’s environmental efforts.

The objective of this contest was to get students to build creative inventions using recycled materials. The contest was judged by Dr. Liau, Miss Kyoko Kaibara,a Japanese long stay  resident, Mr. UthayaKumar,  and Ms. Sharon Baker.IMG_9783

English Language Programmes in the Community

Besides our school programmes ,a few of our committee members  also conduct English Language Programmes in the indigenous villages on the outskirts of town almost every week. They are mainly reading and writing lessons in simple English for children and young adults. As these programmes have been ongoing for a number of months now the turnout is usually very good. But to be effective more volunteers who can speak fluent English are needed.

So if you are visitng Cameron Highlands for a few days or you are back home for your semester break  and would like to help out do contact Dr Koh Gim Lam at  or Datin Aseema at


English based Environmental Education Programme in Convent Primary School on the 17th February 2016

An  English based Environmental Education programme was held in SK Convent ( Convent Primary School) on the 17 th February 2016. Around 60 students from Standard 3 to Standard 6 participated. The programme was conducted by Miss Elucia Yong, (our regular REACH volunteer and also an undergraduate majoring in English) and assisted by Datin Aseema, Puan Mazlira, Miss Saras, Miss Geogina and Convent School teachers.IMG_9575

As with other similar programmes that we have held, there was first a video presentation and discussion on the envirionmental problems here. IMG_9581