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Environmental Education at The Mossy Forests under the Edge Grant begins

by Cheam May Choo

15th April 2019-Sometimes ‘environmentalists’ need some encouragement too and today is such a day when we feel very encouraged. As I looked across at the enthusiastic faces of the school children before me, listening with rapt attention to what I have to say and answering with such gusto, I felt that I could do this forever.( I was giving a briefing to students from SJKC Cameron ( Cameron Chinese Primary School) on their day’s program in the mossy forests before they head off to Gunung Brinchang. This is the first of the field trips for local school children under a grant by the Edge Education Foundation.)

SJKC Cameron ( Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina Cameron ) was founded in 1936 and was so named because it is the first Chinese school to be built in Cameron Highlands. It is located in Ringlet town, where the early Chinese settlers to Cameron Highlands arrived. It is perched on a small hillock at the western corner of Ringlet town. Currently it has 197 students from kindergarten to Standard 6. 

In today’s field trip 30 students participated and the 3 teachers who accompanied them were teachers Cheaw Pey Fen, Tan Teng Wai and Wong Ting Ting.

The children were also asked to fill up a simple questionaire. Teacher Cheaw was a great help in translating some scientific terms into Mandarin.

Grant from the Edge Foundation for Environmental Education at the Mossy Forests of Cameron Highlands

by Cheam May Choo

We are pleased to inform that we recently received a grant from the Edge Foundation for environmental education at our mossy forests. Besides educating students on the biodiversity and importance of our highland forests, this time around we would include lessons on climate change.

The Edge Education Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Edge Media Group. The foundation’s mission is to foster, develop and promote education of all kinds. Through the Edge KL Rat Race (which is held annually since 2000) funds are raised from corporate Malaysia and given to the various registered charities and NGOs. This year the event was held at Padang Merbok, KL on the 31st of July 2018.

Simple weather measuring instruments will be installed at our mini weather station in Gunung Brinchang. As with our earlier programmes,field trips would consist of a visit to untouched mossy forests followed by a visit to our Biodiversity Centre. where forests are being rehabilitated. Students would participate in tree planting and later brief on climate change, forest conservation and how all these are interrelated.

REACH would like to thank the Edge Education Foundation for supporting our conservation efforts.


A common affliction-the dearth of funds

In this challenging economic times, our organization, as with many NGO’s, is not spared from a common affliction- the shortage of funds. Since Reach’s formation, we have been relatively spared by monetary woes but not this year. Pledged funds which would have tide us over unscathed, have not materialized. As a result we are “downsizing”.  Our administrative work will be done by volunteers till such time when our funds permit us to hire an office staff. We regret to inform that activities which are costly to carry out will not be fully sponsored. This include reforestation activities. (Only 4 wheel drive vehicles are able to navigate through the rough roads and their transportation cost is high.)

Activities such as CSI and EEP will continue as their cost is relatively low. We apologise for having to disappoint schools who have written to us recently, as Septembers and Octobers are the golden post exam months when the students are free to join in our activities. In order to continue our environmental work, we seek funds and support from the public. Our donations are tax exempted.  The public can also support us by buying our merchandise especially our book on Montane Birds of Cameron Highlands. We can be contacted at or Other email addresses will no longer be in use.

Pictures of Dimension Data visit to Biodiversity Site on the 23rd March 2018

Dimension Data, a multinational software company and frequent supporter of REACH ,visited the biodiversity site earlier this year. As before, Satya took the group up and entralled them with ‘stories’ of the mossy forest.

Site inspection at Batu Gangan by Forestry officers on the 10th July 2018

Local and Federal Forestry officers made a site inspection at Batu Gangan on the 10th of July 2018. This included adjacent sites forested by other NGOs. Under the Greening of Cameron Highlands project, Reach has completed the programme but will continue to maintain the site subject to the availability of funds and will continue to promote research on the neighbouring montane forests.