Re-Act!! Trash is Cash 2010/2011 CIMB/Reach Project

CIMB/Reach Project Re-Act!! Trash is Cash   2010/2011

This recycling project is an extension of our on-going community recycling project and it involves school communities via introduction of Re-Act initiatives. This project is funded by CIMB.

Time period ; September 2010 to November 2011

The 1st 3 months involved laying the ground work for recycling in schools and collection of recyclables. Permission obtained from the local education office PPD ( Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah) to carry out recycling programme. Collection centres in Ringlet, Bertam Valley, Brinchang, Kuala Terla was opened for local communities and schools.

15th December 2010  -A CIMB/Reach Recycling Programme was conducted in Ringlet  together with the local district council and Government Departments.

February 2011- ‘Bank books’ for recycling, stickers, posters and awareness materials were printed. Arrangements made with the recycling vendors to collect recyclables from schools once project commenced.

4th March 2011- Briefing at PPD with Education Officers and headmasters from 26  schools

9th April 2011- Subcommittee meeting held.

25th of April 2011 – Training of the Trainers (TOT) workshop at SJKC Brinchang school Hall by Dr Liau and Balu in the morning.36 teachers from 18 schools attended. In the afternoon there were demonstrations on composting, artwork from recycling material , making of enzymes from household kitchen waste, making of soap and candles from used cooking oil, making of fertilizers from farm organic waste. More than 430 students attended.

April to June 2011- Recycling talks were carried out in 16 schools and recycling programme started in these schools

July 2011- Follow-up visits by REACH to give weighing scales to these schools and   to help schools iron out any problems in the recycling programme.

9th-10th November 2011-A recycling camp was held at Parit Falls Forest Reserve where 14 schools participated. Events included Nature Walk, Scavenger Hunt and Kite Making. Prizes were also given out for schools with the most collection of recyclables.