Re-Act School Visits

RE-ACT Troopers

Having raised environmental awareness among students of the 16 schools who have agreed to participate, REACH would like to see concrete results of this awareness–as such, we will upload and monitor the amount of material each school is able to collect for recycling (this will be measured in terms of the quantity and amount of money each school is able to earn from the recycling of Plastic, Paper and Aluminium respectively).

  1. SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah    Teacher(s)-in-charge: Cik Balqis     Students Involved : Form 1-5

smksas2.  SJK(C) Tanah Rata  Teacher(s)-in-charge: 1. Cheong Yin Jet   2. Wai Suew Ting  3.  San Sook Ngah

Students Involved : Std 1-6 (~100 students)


3. SJK(C) Cameron   Teacher(s)-in-charge:1. Chung Boon Jin  2. Teoh Bee Lee

Students involved : Std 4,5 and 6 (10 classes)


  1. SJK(T) Ringlet   Teacher(s)-in-charge:  1.  Anantarajoo s/o Selvarajoo  2. Thamilarasan s/oSuppramaniam

Students involved : Std 1-6sjktringlet

  1. SK Convent Tanah Rata Teacher(s)-in-charge: 1.Supiah bt. Badin    2. Cikgu Rafizawati

Students involved : Std 1-6



  1. SK Ringlet Teacher(s)-in-charge: 1.Puan Halimah Binti Umar    2.Puan Sitti Patimah Binti Nasir

Students invloved : Std 1-6


  1. SJK(T) Shum Yip Leong   Teacher(s)-in-charge:   1. Miss. Thilageswari d/o Kanagasingam  2.  Mrs. Thilagam d/o Selathurai

No. of students: 14 students (Std 1-6)sjkt-shum-yip-leong

8. SJK(C) Bertam Valley   Teacher(s)-in-charge: 1.  Encik Tan Khai Sing     2.  Puan Theng Zing Ling

Students Involved : Std 1-6sjkcbertam-valley

  1. SJK(C) Kuala Terla     Teacher(s)-in-charge:  1.Zubaidah binti Awang Mustafa   2.   Chai Shew Yin

No. of students: Std 1-6