Starbucks Awards Grant To Reach for Project on Composting in Schools July 2012

We are pleased to announce that we have received a grant for the composting of Solid Kitchen Waste in schools from Starbucks. This project will involve over 20 schools in Cameron Highlands and will commence shortly.

Students will be taught on how to make enzymes and carry out composting of solid kitchen waste in their own schools. There will be talks and hands- on demonstration. The compost will be used as fertilizers in their respective school gardens. There will also be visits to local organic farms. At the end of this project, prizes will be awarded to schools with the best results in composting. Reach will continue to encourage schools to do composting of solid kitchen waste even after the project is over because of its economical and environmental benefits. Reach would like to thank Starbucks for their support and generousity.

Local volunteers from Cameron Highlands wanted to assist in the preparing the enzymes, compost bins and conductiong demo sessions in the schools. Programmes in the schools begin in July.

Composting of Household Waste Schools Visits (16-27July)

REACH has been invited to 13 schools over a two week period to conduct a talk and demonstration on how to make Compost from Household Waste.

This programme is an extension of our ongoing Recycling Programmes made possible due to a grant from Give2Asia, an independent nonproht orgarizatton founded by The Asia Foundation, The project will focus on composting household waste to produce organic compost for school gardening programs.

Composting is another important part of the “Recycling Campaign”, as it was natures way of recycling organic matter into something rich in nutrient content and useful as an organic fertilizer.

The students and teachers were given an introduction to the concept of composting, The facilitators Carrol Lawrence with the help of Saras and Lithia conducted a hands on demonstration on the corrrect combination of


Each school was given a “Demo Bottle” with the instructions of how to turn household waste into rich organic matter.

The schools which we have been invited to were:-      16/7-SJKC Brinchang , 17/7-SJKC Kea Farm , 17/7-SJKC Cameron Ringlet , 18/7-S.K Ringlet ,  18/7-S.K Kg.Raja , 19/7-SJKT Boh 1 , 20/7-SJKT Ringlet , 25/7 SK Brinchang , 25/23/7 SJK(T) Ldg Blue Valley , 7 SJK(T) Shum Yip Leong , 26/7 SJK(C) Kg Raja , 27/7 SJK(C) Kuala Terla , 27/7 SJK(C) Tringkap