Montane Birds of Cameron Highlands

Montane Birds of Cameron Highlands is the second book published by REACH. As with our first book ” Wild Orchids of Cameron Highlnads” the main objective of these books are to document the flora and fauna of the montane forests. Among the birds listed in the 2014 IUCN Red List of Threatened species ,The Malaysian Peacock-pheasant and the Malaysian Whistling-thrush are found here.We wish to highlight the wondrous beauty of our highland forests and what we stand to lose if we don’t protect it.

We were fortunate to have obtained funding from The Embassy of Finland for the documentation and publication of this book. We take this opportunity to thank Mr Timo Karmakallio, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Finland, Kuala Lumpur for their 3 years of support in providing us funds to set up the biodiversity centre. This book is a product of the research undertaken through this funding.

The collection of photographs,records and write-ups come from a team of dedicated birders who have helped REACH build up our bird database and contributed to the success of this book. They include Miss Carrol Marie Lawrence,Datuk Dr Amar Singh, Andy Paul, Mathialagan Sengkattyan,John Steed, Henry Goh, Tay Yeow Tian, Kaliyannan Karupiah, Ramakrishnan Ramasamy, Amran Nadzar Khan, Chong Chee Kheong, Liew Weng Keong, Satya Murthy, Neoh Hor Kee, Heikal Pinto, Sam Wong and Melody Woon.

Editors include Roy Margaret, Carrol Marie Lawrence and Lim Bing Yee

There are a total of 662 species of birds in the Checklist of the Birds of Peninsular Malaysia 2012. There are 177 birds listed in the checklist for Cameron Highlands and 102 of these are showcased in this book.