CSI and CHBAR Talk at Pejabat Hutan ( Forestry Department)

3rd November 2015

On the 3rd of November, the Environmental Department (JAS) of Cameron Highlands conducted an environmental awareness camp  KeKAS for 35 Form 3 students who have just completed their PT3 examinations. The schools that participated included SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah, SMK Ringlet and SMK Kg Raja.

REACH volunteers, Melody and Shen-Ly were invited to share with the students regarding various REACH activities.

Shen-Ly began by having an open discussion with the students about Cameron Highlands Smoke Free Zone (CHBAR) and proceeded to share more in depth about smoking, secondhand smoke and the dangers that it entails, as well as ways to curb smoking.

Soon after, Melody engaged the students in a talk regarding REACH’s purpose in the community, recycling activities, Community Stream Investigation (CSI), reforestation activities at REACH’s Biodiversity Centre and many more.

We had a good time and we are thankful for the opportunity to expose the students to REACH and all the environmental-friendly activities that we carry out all year round.

Pejabat Hutan CHBAR Talk

written by Lai Shen-Ly