CSI with SJKC Cameron on the 10th November 2016

This CSI Community Stream Investigation programme with SJKC Cameron (Ringlet) was the last CSI programme for 2016 . Since the cost of conducting the CSI programme is low and funds are still available, more of such CSI activities for local schools will be carried out in 2017. For schools and groups outside of Cameron Highlands a small fee is incurred . At least a month’s notice is required and subject to the availability of facilitators and volunteers, these programmes can be arranged.DSCN4960DSCN4966DSCN4999

DSCN4985DSCN4964DSCN4988  DSCN4982 DSCN4983  DSCN4992   DSCN5014Community Stream Investigation programme is a very  hands on approach in educating and creating awareness on caring for our rivers. We look forward in conducting such programmes for our youths.