EEP -English based Environmental Education Programme Summary

This programme is the brainchild of Datin Aseema and Puan Mazlira, our dedicated committee members, who in 2015 suggested that we had to bring our environmental programmes to our local schools on a more regular basis so that it can reach a wider audience. The usage of English as our medium of instruction was also suggested as it would help to improve our local students English proficiency.

So with the assistance of the Education department of Cameron Highlands PPD, in July 2015 our EEP programme got off the ground at the Ringlet Tamil Primary School SJKT Ringlet.

Each school programme would start off with a video/talk on envrironmental related topics such as recycling, river pollution and other environmental problems here. The presenter may be an invited speaker, our local volunteers, our committee members or school teachers. This would be followed by a discussion and Q and A session.

Then the students would be divided into different groups for the ‘workshop.’ Tasks would vary depending on their age group which ranged from 7 to 17 years . For the 7 to 9 year olds they would be given worksheets for coloring and the like. For the 10 year olds and above, they would be asked to make slogans n collages based on nature and later present their work. Facilitators are mainly REACH volunteers and teachers. Each programme would take about 2 to 2and half hours.

Sometimes we would hold other environmental activities such as art competition from recycled materials in place of the regular programme.

In 2015 we conducted 4 such programmes and the schools involved are

1.SJK Tamil Ringlet-28th July 2015

2.SMSAS Tanah Rata- 5th August 2015

3.SK Convent Tanah Rata- 8th October 2015 -Trash to Treasure Competition -13 school teams competed.

4.SK Ringlet-5th November 2015

In 2016 we conducted 5 EEP programmes namely

1.SKConvent-17th February 2016 -Year 5 & 6- 76 participants

2.SMKSAS-8th April 2017- Recycling Art Competition for secondary schools in Cameron Highlands

19 teams from the 3 secondary schools participated SMKSAS, SMKRinglet, SMK Kg Raja

3.SJKC Bertam Valley-22nd August 2016- entire school including preschool- 256 students

4.SK Kg Raja- 27th September 2016- entire school including preschool-120 students

5.SJKC Tanah Rata-5th October 2016-entire school- 80 students


In 2017 we conducted 8 EEP progammes , the last of which was held last week

1.SK Ringlet-9th February 2017-120 students

2.SKConvent-28th March 2017- entire school- 250 students

3.SK Tanah Rata-19th April 2017-Std 3 to Std 6-200 students

4.SMKSAS-26th July 2017- Form 1,2 and 4  -450 students

5.SJKT Kuala Terla-17th August 2017-entire school-60 students

6.SMK Ringlet- 14th September 2017-Form 1 and 2- 230 students

7.SJKT Ringlet- 13th October 2017- Entire school- 65 students

8.SJKC Kea Farm-17th November 2017- entire school- 40 pax

Through this EEP programme, for the year 2017 we managed to reach out to 1415 students while in 2016  we reached out to 982 students  and in 2015 ,885 students.

As compared to our other programmes such as reforestation when we bring the students out to the field , the cost of conducting EEP is much lower and the audience larger.

Many thanks to Datin Aseema and Puan Mazlira , our staunch environmentalists who persevered with dogged determination even though at times volunteers seemed scarce and the programmes looked like they might be postponed. Somehow at the eleventh hour ‘saviors’ would appear and the programmes would proceed smoothly.

Many thanks to the Local Education Department and school teachers.

Many thanks to invited speakers Tengku Farid, an official from SWCorp (Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Corporation, a federal agency under the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government) and Mr Tea Yew Ching co-owner of the local recycling company, Cameron Eco Safe Sdn Bhd

Many thanks to our volunteers who made it happen; Melody, Elucia, Kesav ,Geogina, Roy,Nena,Shen Ly, our other committee members who assisted; Dr Koh , Encik Embi, Mr Wong Seng Yee, Mr Siva and Mr Uthaya Kumar.

When we see how much the school children enjoy these programmes, it really makes it worth the while.