R.E.A.C.H is a community based organisation formed in 2001 by a group of Cameron Highlands residents alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating environment especially the declining forests and water quality. R.E.A.C.H. aims to preserve, restore and maintain Cameron Highlands as an environmentally sustainable agriculture and hill resort within a permanent nature reserve. We strive to maintain a balance between environmental protection and development and to safeguard water catchment areas as a vital resource for the highlands and lowlands. It is now run by a group of volunteers with funds from membership, donations, small grants, reforestation activities and sales of souvenirs.

Activities include highlighting environmental problems, creating public awareness on environmental issues and conducting water and forest biodiversity studies. Dendrobium brinchangense is the orchid shown in our R.E.A.C.H. logo. It is an endangered orchid first found in Gunung Brinchang and it reflects the fragile nature of our environment. In the course of carrying out our environmental activities we have faced many obstacles but we believe there are many people out there who care. We believe there is hope yet for Cameron Highlands. It is therefore of utmost importance that we preserve our natural heritage