Reforestation at Batu Gangan concludes

by Cheam May Choo

In the months of August and September 2017,  due to logistic difficulties our reforestation programme slowed . However we managed to complete the toilets and the covered rest area in time for the students who would be coming in the following months.  Site preparation continued with undergrowth being cleared.

Date: 3rd October 2017

31 students and 3 teachers from SK Convent, Tanah Rata planted 100 saplings. The facilitators were Mr Satya from EcoCameron , Saras and Vebry. Trees included Ara, Rhododendrons and Eugenia. At 8 am students were picked up from Tanah Rata and they reached the site around 9 am. After a briefing by Mr Satya , they planted the trees. Light refreshments were served and by 12 noon they headed back. This programme would be similar for all the other schools.


Date: 10th October 2017

14 students 2 teachers and parents from SJKC Bertam Valley planted 100 saplings.  As with the CSI programme with this school we are delighted that parents are getting involved.

Date : 29 October 2017

The signboard was finally placed with the help of a few volunteers . Many thanks to them.

Date: 10th November 2017

22 students and 2 teachers from SJKC Tanah Rata planted 150 saplings.

Date: 15th November 2017

28 students and 2 teachers from SMK Ringlet planted 150 saplings. With this group we have therefore planted the 1200 trees required by the NRE grant. We would now need to nurture the trees from time to time.