Summary of CSI Activities for 2017

by Cheam May Choo

Our CSI or community stream investigation programme in 2017 continues to be one of the more popular activity amongst students and adults alike.(CSI programme was initially sponsored by CIMB in 2009 and the excess funds were carried over to the next few years. In 2015 Prince Tunku Imran and Mr Paul Chuah gave us more funds ).In March 2017 we received a grant of RM 5000 from the National River Care Fund under GEC (Global Environment Centre) to continue this and CSI has now become an annual affair for our local schools.

Our CSI programme uses simple biological,chemical and physical parameters to gauge the quality of the river water. Students are briefed on the techniques in the field and then made to apply them. Results from a clean river and a dirty river are then compared and discussed. This programme comes at a low cost and is very “hands on”. Students see for themselves the impact of contamination of river water in the real world.The kids love it especially when it comes to analysing clean streams as they get a chance to frolic in them and catch bugs.

For the year 2017,there were 8 such programmes which took place between July to October 2017 .They involved both primary and secondary schools. Our volunteers included Dr Liau Tai Leong, Geogina, Adam, Shuib, Tom, Pablo, Aurelein, Kah Wai,Joshua and Siva. Many thanks to them.