Activities carried out in June 2018

by Cheam May Choo

In the month of June 2018 , we carried out more activities than usual because of funding from Kemaman Bitumen Sdn Bhd for reforestation. We were also fortunate to have with us , three volunteers from France namely Thibault, Phillippe and Quentin who made it possible They were recommended to come here by Tom, Aurelein and Pablo, who are their seniors in Audencia Business School. (Tom, Aurelein and Pablo did  great work for us last year).

Some of these activities were with our sister organisation CHERISH , a home for children with special needs in Tanah Rata. Below are the activities held

4th of June 2018- Spring cleaning at REACH office. Photographs showing the history of Cameron Highlands were tidied up.(This gallery of old photos reminds us that our plan to publish a pictorial book on the history of Cameron Highlands is long overdued. We need a serious injection of funds,energy and enthusiasm here!)  6th of June 2018-Boccee Game with children from Cherish. Every other week, we make it a point to bring our special children out for a bit of sun and fun. Volunteers are very welcome here because they assist the teachers in keeping a close eye on the kids and Thibault, Phillipe and Quentin are great with the kids.     8th of June 2018-Preparing plant labels at Reach office. Tags were purchased online and the names of plants, hand written.

12th of June 2018 – Reforestation and maintenance work at Batu Gangan Forest Reserve were carried out. ‘Maintenance’ work consists of clearing weeds and putting fertilizer. 70 trees were planted and they are a mixture of the fast growing Macaranga, the faithful Geruk and Belinchu, Ara, Eugenia,Medang Serai, Medang Payung   14th June 2018-Another trip to Batu Gangan. 70 trees were planted. 19th June 2018-On this trip, we found some saplings  uprooted. Many track prints suspicious of wild boars and mountain goats were found. 75 trees were planted.

26th June 2018-Work continued at Batu Gangan with 80 trees planted. We found some workers repairing the access road to the site.

30th June 2018-Exploration of mossy forests in Batu Gangan . There will be a separate article on this.