Exploratory trip into untouched mossy forests of Batu Gangan and Sg Terla-30th June 2018

30th June 2018- Under the Kemaman Bitumen Save the Mossy Forest fund , we organised a trip into the untouched mossy forsts of Batu Gangan and Sg Terla Forests Reserves. These forests are on the eastern slope of Gunung Irau.( Over the years, few missing trekkers  enroute to Irau has been found here !) 12 volunteers joined in including our resident orchid specialist Encik Embi Abdullah and resident photographer Encik Amran Nazar Khan.  Aerial imagery of the site was also done.

As expected the findings on this trip did not disappoint as being more than 1400 m above sea level, the fauna was that of the cloud forest variety. Going upstream we found many polypipes sourcing water to the farms below but these dwindled as we climbed higher. The mosses enveloped the ground, stones in the rivers, fallen logs and tree trunks. Negiotiating upstream was tricky as the moss covered rocks were very slippery indeed.

But the experience was well worth it. Where else can we find so many species of mosses and ferns, some downright weird looking but really thrilling to discover!

Just a pelimanary survey alone revealed more than 12 varieties of orchids ,some of which have not been seen for some time. This place certainly merits further study.

We hope to make further visits and to rope in universities to conduct research on the flora and fauna of this area.

From left to right -Encik Embi Abdullah, Muhammad Syuib bin Zainuddin, Mr Kaliyanan, Quentin, Phillipe, Miss Ruby Subramaniam, Sivadas, Adel Newman, Dr Liau Tai Leong, Muhammad Amirul bin Mohd Khairuddin, Thibault and Encik Amran Nazar Khan.