Volunteers Wanted

Why volunteer?

We, at REACH do so because we love Cameron Highlands and wish to make it a better place.

Our past helpers volunteered because they wanted to make their stay here more meaningful and contribute something to Cameron Highland. For that we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

What about you? Would you like to volunteer for the good of the environment and the folks of Cameron Highlands?

REACH is a non-profit organisation and we have only one paid employee , our office manager Saras.

We need volunteers like we need air to breath ( not that there is a shortage of fresh air up here!) Our volunteers inject us with  fresh doses of energy and enthusiasm.Without them REACH would be unsustainable.

They conduct studies, help us carry out our environmental activities and lend us their expertise in various fields. They may do field work or office work such as cataloguing or improving the web page.

So for the college student out there who would like to spend the semester break in the cool mountains of Peninsular Malaysia, for our visitors near and far, come join us in making your stay here a more enriching one.

We need help in so many areas, We need researchers, computer experts especially on the

GPS mapping system, teachers, scientists, photographers and documentary film makers, artists, translators, writers , designers and event organisers . Well not to worry if you have none of these skills. We still need your ENTHUSIASM.

As for the level of physical fitness required, if you can climb the 4 flight of steps to the  REACH office without panting, you fit enough! Mind you, there are many hills to climb in Cameron Highlands

If you are interested in lending a helping hand. We welcome you.

Cameron Highlands Needs a Helping Hand…Yours”

Contact No:

Tel:05-4914798 ( 9am to 12.30pm )


Hotline: 019- 514 5851(Saras)


Email: nitiya31880@yahoo.com.sg or reach.president@gmail.com

or reach.cameronhighlands@gmail.com