Reforestation Update 18th November 2014


Reforestation is one of the core activities of REACH. In 2004 REACH was given permission by the local land office and Forestry Department to reforest an illegally cleared site at Gunung Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, This site is located in Banjaran Titiwangsa, the main range of Peninsular Malaysia and is at 1800 m above sea level. It was formerly covered by montane forest. The montane forests here houses myriad highland flora and fauna and this site lies in the water catchment area for Brinchang. REACH has been conducting reforestation programmes for locals and visitors since then and to date more than 9000 trees have been planted at the site.

The trees planted are all endemic trees and they include Gerok, Eugenia, Rhododendrons, Nepenthes, tree ferns, Arundina, Baeckea and Laurel. Some of the trees are doing well and have grown to more than 6 feet while some have remain stunted or have died. Ferns and shrubs have appeared and other endemic trees have grown from the edges of this site. Some areas devoid of top soil have remained barren despite attempts to reforest it. Plans are afoot now to map the whole area , to study the extent the deforested area has recovered and how we can improve on it. We welcome researchers on this. We do not think there has been any reforestation work done at this elevation in Malaysia yet. So this study would be the first on the rehabilitation of the montane forest here.

We have been fortunate to have so many groups helping us out with reforestation and we thank them for their efforts. They include both local and non-local groups, students from primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, corporations, indigenous villagers and other volunteer groups. They are :

Digi Group, Camerons Japanese Long Stay Club, Mind Science Society, Ikea, Scouts from Serangoon and Gongshang Singapore, HSBC, Asia Brown, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mdec D’Jungle people, Hewlett-Packard, Bethany Home, Taylor’s College, Management Science University, Chun Lee and friends, Expro Team, Datacraft, Foon Yew High school, Huai Ning & friends, Ricoh Sdn Bhd, Casey and friends, Volunteers from Paris, Segi college, SMJK Chung Hwa, Bayer, World Challenge groups, UK Girl Guides, Uniten, Atmah group, UiTM Shah Alam, Sri Pelita, British American Tobacco, Life-link International School, Kolej Kommuniti, PTPL, Fairview International College, Dr Sanath & group, UMT Green Revolution Club, SJK(T) Ringlet, Mutiara International Garden School, Toyota, Integrated Management, Finland Embassy, , SJK(C) Kea Farm, SJK(C) Brinchang, SK Convent, SK Brinchang, SK Kampung Raja, SJK(T) Tanah Rata, REACH, Cherish, PEI-CAI Secondary School, SMK Wangsa Maju, SMK Taiping, Data Dimensions, Cameron Music School students, SJK(T) Boh, SK Brinchang, SJK(C) Bertam Valley, SMKSAS Tamil Society, BOH Manager group, Cikgu Mangai and school group, Gospel Hall Church group, Maybank Cameron Highlands, Starbucks Group, Kampung Telimau Terisu, Devin and friends, SK Ringlet.


REACH is now awaiting formal approval from the authorities to reforest other illegally cleared sites. REACH have received grants from Maybank (2010) , Shell Conservation Fund (2011) and the Embassy of Finland (2011-2014) and other organisations over the years to promote reforestation.