3. MEMBERSHIP (as extracted from the Constitution)

3.1 Full member

3.1(a) Membership shall be opened to all Malaysian citizens who live, work or own property in the Cameron Highlands who is above 18 years of age. 3.1(b) Group Membership may be opened to lawfully constituted Body not less than ten members duly registered with the Registrar of Companies Malaysia, operating in Cameron Highlands.

3.2 Life Member.

Any person as per rule 3.1 (a) shall apply to be a life member of the association.

3.3 Associate Member.

Any other individual as per rule 3.1(a) or registered Body as per rule 3.1(b) may choose to become an “Associate member of the Society” without any voting rights and they shall pay half the subscription of full members.

3.4 Every application for membership shall be forwarded to the secretary who shall at the first opportunity submits it to the committee for approval. The committee may at its discretion reject any application without assigning any reason thereof

3.5 Every applicant whose application has been approved as aforesaid shall, upon payment of the prescribed yearly subscription, be admitted as a member of the Society and shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership.


4.1 Members on paying their dues will participate in activities of the Society and contribute to the preservation of the environment in Cameron Highlands, uphold the mission and objectives of the Society.

4.2 The voting rights of members shall be determined by the membership type. 4.2.1 A Full Member shall be entitled to vote and hold office in the committee. 4.2.2 A Group Full Member shall be represented by one representative and is entitled to vote and hold office in the committee. 4.2.3 Associate, student and outstation members shall not have any voting rights nor eligible to hold office in the committee.


5.1 An entrance fee of RM ten (RM10.00) is charged with each application.

5.2 The annual subscription payable according to the type of membership:- 5.2.1 Individual Full member shall pay RM ten (RM10.00). 5.2.2 Individual Associate Member shall pay RM five (RM5.00). 5.2.3 Group Full Member shall pay RM hundred (RM100.00). 5.2.4 Group Associate Member shall pay RM fifty (RM50.00). 5.2.5 Life member shall pay RM 200 (RM200.00) in one lump sum and shall be exempted from paying annual subscription.

5.3 Subscriptions shall be payable to the Treasurer on joining and thereafter within fourteen days of the first of January of each year.

5.4 Any member who fails to pay the annual subscription within two months of expiry of his membership shall receive a written reminder signed by or on behalf of the Secretary, and shall be denied the privileges of membership until the subscription is paid.

5.5 Any member, who fails to pay the annual subscription within three months of expiry, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Society.

5.6 Upon payment of the subscription in arrears, the Committee may reinstate to his/her membership of any person who has allowed his/her membership to lapse through nonpayment of the subscription.

5.7 Special subscription or levies for particular purposes may be raised from members by resolution of the General Meeting of the Society. If any member fails to pay such subscription within such a period as may be resolved, the amount due shall be treated ia the same way as arrears of subscription.

6 RESIGNATION Any member who wishes to resign from the Society shall give two weeks notice in writing to the Secretary and shall pay up all dues.


How to become a Member/Renew membership

  1. Download the membership form/renewal form HERE
  2. Choose the type of membership applicable
  3. Complete the membership form/renewal form and attach proof of payment.
  4. Payment can be made in the following ways:
    •  Cheques/Bankers’ Cheque/Bank Draft made payable to Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands and send to REACH Mailing   address (as provided below)
    •  Payment banked directly  into REACH Account at Maybank No.506 043 603 231  Swift Code: mbbemykl  and  fax/email bank-in slip  to REACH
  5.  Proof of Payment and Membership Form

Please send proof of payment and the duly completed membership/renewal form to REACH with the following particulars for receipts to be issued and posted:

Name, I/C Number,Mailing Address, Email Address, Contact Number .

6. Please call REACH should you not receive your receipt within a month.

REACH Mailing Address:

Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands No, 1, Main Road , Brinchang ( top floor) 39100 Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Contact no :

Telephone/Fax  No :05 4912978 ( 9am to12.30pm)  Hotline:  019 5145851

Email: or

p.s –  Once you become a member please don’t forget to continue to renew membership or better yet sign-up as a life member.



1. Membership Form

2. Membership Renewal Form